This Is How We Celebrated Diwali At Inorbit!

After so many festive celebrations, everyone is back to their regular lives. And we all know that we are missing those celebrations, family gatherings, lights, décor and so many other things. Likewise, even we at Inorbit are missing those happy smiles who participated in the Diwali celebration. So we decided to reminisce the festive fun.

This year, Inorbit celebrated Diwali in a grand way. With lot of amazing activities, workshops, events and beautiful décor, we are sure everyone loved it. So here is a throwback to all those beautiful memories.

Inorbit Cyberabad

From workshops like Rangoli and Diya making to gorgeous décor & amazing contest, everything was looking like it was straight out of a fairy tale. We can proudly say that Inorbit was gleaming during Diwali and to top it all, the grand contest winner won a Toyota Car! Have a look.

Inorbit Whitefield

This Diwali, there were a lot of surprises, cool events, a shopping festival and amazing workshops like Origami, and Diya making for everyone. Also, they had a makeover and nail art zone for all the beautiful ladies! Have a look.

Inorbit Vadodara

Magical is an understatement for this beautiful piece of décor. Trust us, even this picture is not doing complete justice to how beautiful it looked.

Inorbit Malad

Here the preparations of Diwali started with Karwa Chauth which was celebrated in a grand way. There were pampering sessions like nail-art, mehendi etc. for all the gorgeous ladies to look beautiful on the eve of Karwa Chauth. Here is a glimpse of it.

Inorbit Vashi

See how magical the entire mall looked during Diwali! With exciting workshops for everyone, there was a joyous atmosphere. See the happy smiles and bright lights below.

Hope you all had a wonderful Diwali! We have a lot of amazing contests & events coming up, so stay tuned!

5 Different Ways To D-I-Y Diwali Diyas

Create unconventional diyas, this Diwali. Mother earth will thank you for it!


Wheat Flour Diyas


  • In a big bowl knead some wheat flour into a soft dough
  • Divide the dough into equal portions and make different shapes
  • Don’t forget to make a finger sized hole in the diyas to add oil
  • Dry them in the sun. Add some color and glitter for the festive touch!

Clay Diyas

Revisit your Play-doh days!


  • Materials: Modelling clay, a baking tray and fluorescent colors
  • Make small balls of the clay and shape them with your hands.
  • Bake in the oven at 150° for 30 minutes.
  • Fluorescent colors will make your diyas stand out!

Compact Disc Diyas

Use old CDs to light up your house!


  • With the 3D outliner, create funky designs and then accessorise the CD with the decorations
  • Stick the small wax candle in the middle with the help of the hot glue gun.
  • Your diyas are ready to shine!

Pistachio Diyas

Enjoy Pistachios and make eco-friendly diyas!


  • Wash and dry out around 50 pistachio shells. Paint them or dip them in glitter.
  • On a round cardboard base, stick the shells in the shape of a flower.
  • Place a small wax candle in the middle. Your diyas are ready!

Coat Hanger Diyas

Convert those old hangers into attractive diyas!


  • Paint the metal tins, create holes using a screwdriver and stick a thread through them.
  • Clip the metal tins on the hangar
  • Carefully place the tea-light candles inside the tins.
  • Hang them to brighten your corners!

Come join in the fun, there are loads of exciting workshops for kids this Diwali at the mall !!

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Here Are Some Really Easy Home Décor Ideas For This Diwali!

The festival of lights is around the corner! We all look forward to decorating our house every Diwali. One can use candles, diyas, lanterns, paintings, wall hangings etc. to decorate. Here are some simple ideas you can use to light up your house.

Lighten Up With Diya

Diyas are used since ancient times. We get earthen diyas in the market, you can color them as per your taste and let them dry for a while or you can easily buy a colored diya from the local markets.




Let flowers do the talking!

This Diwali, decorate your house with flowers. You can use a variety of flowers which will leave your house full of fragrance.





Bring out the artist in you by making colorful rangolis at your home entrance.  If you are wondering how you can make one, read here for simple rangoli ideas and try them out.


Unique Bulb Chain

You can use a bulb chain to decorate your house. Just hang them on the wall and your home will look like a fairytale for sure. Also, you will have a perfect backdrop to click cool pictures.



Paper Cup Lights

Add a magical touch to your home by adding paper cup lights. You can try this at home. Bring colorful paper cups and a long rope of B lights from the market. Then with the help of a small sharp cutter, make an X- shape slit on the bottom of the cup and put this cups across the B-light. We are sure your guests will be fascinated with these lights.


Source 1 | Source 2

Mason Jar lights

One of the easiest and beautiful ways to brighten up your home is by using Mason Jars. We are pretty sure; you have at least one Mason jar at your place. You need to purchase LED lights and then place them inside the jar, then your Mason Jar Light is ready. You can also use glass bottles for the same.


Source 1 | Source 2


If not lights or diyas, you can definitely use candles to decorate your home. Beautiful candle holders will make your home look marvelous and the fragrance will be a plus point.

Source 1 | Source 2

Paintings and Wall Hangings

This Diwali, buy beautiful paintings and wall hangings as it changes the way your home looks and gives an artistic touch to it.

Source 1 | Source 2

What are you waiting for? Head over to Inorbit to buy classy lights, paintings, wall hangings, candles etc. from Home Stop, D Décor, Fab India or The Bombay Store. This Diwali, give a magic touch to your home.