Visit Mandap For Mouth Watering Gujarati Cuisine!

Gujarati cuisine is slowly but steadily making waves around the country. With so many options available out there and so many modern twists in the cuisine, an authentic and delicious Gujarati meal is hard to find.

Mandap by Hotel Express is one such place where you can get traditional Gujarati cuisine. They serve age old authentic Gujarati thalis.

Their thali is massive and we bet anyone would find it difficult to finish it! Here are a few food items that they serve in one thali –

> 2 options of sweet dish

> 4 types of sabzi

> Kadhi & dal

> Various varieties of farsan

> Rice

> Rotis

> Jaljeera pani

> Buttermilk or most famously known as ‘chaas’

> And so much more!

The interiors of the restaurant are also worth noting with a traditional touch to it. The staff is also very friendly and welcoming.


Visit Mandap at Inorbit Vadodara today for a scrumptious meal and an unforgettable Gujarati experience!

9 Destinations For Your Sweet Tooth At Inorbit

One can never say no to desserts, isn’t that right? So for the love of sweets, we thought of giving you few yummy options available at Inorbit to satisfy your sugar tooth. Get ready this weekend to binge on lip-smacking desserts.

English Vinglish

It’s one of the stylish dessert boutiques at Inorbit Malad serving fusion desserts which are divine in taste. You have got to try their Macaroons, Angoori Ras Malai and chocolate cake, which are out of this world!


Mad Over Donuts

To all the donut lovers, this is the ultimate place to get the most delicious donuts. Imagine chocolate loaded donuts that taste like heaven in your mouth, MOD is here to satisfy your donut hunger with their signature donuts – Chocolate Therapy, Mocha Truffle, Brownie Crumble and Tiramisu. You can visit them at Inorbit Malad, Vashi and Whitefield.

Source: Mocha Truffle Donut | Cupcake | Brownie Crumble Donut

Chocolate Fountain

As the name states, this place has many food items which have chocolates in it and also various types of ice-creams. This cute place is at Inorbit Vashi. Do visit and quench your thirst for the sinful chocolate fountains!


Cookie Man

Cookies are the solution to every problem in the world, and if you love cookies, Cookie man’s Crunchy cookies, mouthwatering brownies and muffins are a must-try. This amazing outlet is present at Inorbit.


Cream Stone

Want to drown in the goodness of freshly made ice creams? Head to the cold stone ice cream parlor at Inorbit, where you can get the best fusion ice creams ever! They offer numerous flavors both exotic and creamy ice creams and guess what! You can even create your own customized ice cream cup!


World Of Waffles

Want to eat waffles that are crispy, sweet & mellow? World of waffles is the perfect destination for you where you can try mouth-watering waffles to satisfy your taste buds. This cute little place is at Inorbit Vadodara.


Mini Melts

Ever thought of trying gourmet frozen desserts? Then this place is for you. It serves delicious ice creams and frozen dessert mixes. Visit this amazing place at Inorbit Cyberabad.



Whenever we think of Starbucks, we imagine a superbly roasted and richly brewed coffee, right? But let me tell you they have some amazing desserts like blueberry delight cake, cherry chocolate cake and the yummy chocolate brownie every dessert lover should try once. You can visit them at Inorbit.



Cafe Coffee Day

‘A lot can happen over coffee’ yes its true but trying sinful desserts is a must when you visit Cafe Coffee Day. They are famous for their brownies too. Don’t forget to try their mouth watering cocoa fantasy cake and Sizzle Dazzle brownie at Inorbit.


Add these amazing dessert places to your foodie bucket-list. Once you try them, we are sure you will love them!

These Eateries At Inorbit Whitefield Make You Want To Visit Right Now!


Summer vacations are on and we all want to explore places and enjoy. But all the food lovers would only love to relish on different cuisines. So here we have listed a few restaurants where you can surely eat delicious mouth-watering food.


It’s a place for North Indian food & chaat lovers. If you’re one of them, you should surely try their Aloo Tikki, Mixed Vegetable Paratha and Pulao Combo which has different varieties.


Our food is incomplete without desserts, so you must surely try their Pedewali Lassi. Also, they have amazing moong dal halwa & rasgullas.


Beijing Bites

If you are in a mood of eating Chinese food and that too at a reasonable price, this place is for you. You will get varieties of soup, noodles and many other dishes here.


Biryani Kitchen

Shout out to all the Biryani lovers! This place serves the yummiest Biryani. Imagine yourself eating mouth-watering Biryani with tasty raita on the side. Also, the quantity is great.



You can enjoy the most splendid Rajasthani & North Indian food at NH8. They have great combos to offer and also, do try their NH8 Maharaja Thali – the most delicious Thali.


Purnabramha Maharashtrian

Authentic Maharahtrian food is the best Indian food one can ever have. This restaurant is one of the best places for it. They serve proper Maharashtrian food and also have good options for those who are fasting. Whenever you visit them, don’t forget to try their Puranpoli (Maharashtrian Sweet) and vada pav.


Only Parathas

When you are in a rush and hungry too, you can have a quick bite of the amazing parathas available here. They have different varieties of parathas that they serve with raita, salad and pickle to make it ever yummier!


California Burrito

Eating Indian food is good but when you need a change, you must try somee California food at this restaurant. They have the most delicious Nachos, Tacos, Rice Bowls and many other things.



The Chocolate Heaven

If you are someone who loves chocolates & waffles, you should definitely try this place. They have some lip smacking waffles, pancakes and shakes here. Also, they serve tasty pasta, garlic bread and pizzas. You will surely fall in love with this place.



Try these amazing restaurants only at Inorbit Whitefield and share your experiences in the comments.