Types Of Shoes Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

“For women, shoes are the most important. Good shoes take you good places” – Seo Min Hyun


In today’s world, women are conquering the world and also running after a lot of things that make their dream true. In such a situation, shoes are an important part of women’s closet. They should be stylish yet comfortable.

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world” said Marilyn Monroe. We have listed the types of shoes that every women should have in their closet.


Paring black stilettos with a black pencil dress will make every head turn towards you. They will make your legs look longer and slimmer.


Kitten Heels

The casual combination of denim and sneakers is always good but to make it unique, you can pair your jeans with kitten heels, which will give a cool chic impression.


Wedged Heels

These heels can go with Jeans, even maxi dress, also mini skirts and shorts. Choose a nice pair and you are ready to rule with your cute yet sexy look.



Ballerina Flats

You can also call them Ballet Flats. Skinny Jeans and Ballerina Flats are the perfect combination. If you want to pair them with a traditional outfit, you can always wear these awesome flats with kurti and leggings. It gives a feminine touch to your style.




Gladiators make a very stylish look when paired with shorts or mini skirts. You can also wear these flats on maxi dress with a slit. It gives a bohemian touch to your style.




Shoes inspired from menswear

Going to office or regularly travelling for work, women have to wear formal clothes. You can wear these shoes which are inspired from menswear. It gives a very bold yet feminine effect.


Flat Sandals

It’s the best way to go about a casual day. You can wear it with jeans, maxi dresses or jumpsuits. Also, they are very comfortable.




You can wear boots with many outfits. All you need to take care of is to make the right choice of clothes, like a summer dress with jacket, or a top with kimono & simple skinny jeans or denim shorts. There are different types of boots like ankle length boots, mid-calf boots, etc.




They are the most comfortable and you can pair them with almost any outfit. Be it jeans, denim shorts or a short dress.


D’orsay Flats

These flats are very comfortable for long commute. They’re classy and also look great with formal clothes.



So ladies, what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest mall and buy these shoes. Be ready to rule the world!


How To Style Trousers

The humble trousers are the most underrated piece of clothing. It’s also one of the very few outfits that offer oodles of style and comfort at the same time! It’s perfect for those mid-day meetings or those late night lounges and are oh so versatile! If you are not sure how to carry those pants off, let’s get you started here!

High-waist pants

Not only do these accentuate your waistline, they make you look taller and leaner. Pair it with a linen spaghetti top or a button down, depending on the occasion and you’re good to go.



Culottes are basically from the Palazzo family, and give out the same chic look. Be sure to get the right fitting ones. You can pair them with anything ranging from a woolen turtle neck to, denim button ups, depending on the fabric and cut of the culottes.


Pencil trousers

Pay attention to fabric, if you don’t want your pants looking tacky steer clear of synthetic and stretchy fabrics. Play around with scarves and accessories to get different looks and find your perfect pick!


Printed Pants

Prints can be tricky. Keep this one thumb rule in mind, if you’re wearing printed pants pair them with solid colored tops WITHOUT prints. Yes there is something called too many prints and they can be an ugly sight.



Easily the most comfortable of the lot, chinos are apt for literally any occasion. Pair it with a tee for a casual look, throw on a light blazer and a chunky neck-piece and you are set to kill that formal meeting!


You don’t need to be vary of the PANTS anymore, we hope you go out there and rock them with style!

13 Ways To Rock The Choker

2016 was the year of the “Choker”. And it’s safe to say that it’s going to make it’s presence felt this year too! Right from actresses to pop stars everyone’s tried their hands on the choker and brought back the ‘90s with a bang. If you’re a fan of the choker too, here are a few ways you can rock the choker too!

1. The Minimal Look
For those of you who like to keep it simple without frills opt for a solid colored choker with minimal or no detailing.


2. The Delicate Darling
Go for delicate gold or silver chokers with delicate detailing. Perfect for those dinner dates!


3. The Desi Touch
Desi is in! And if you like to do a little Indo Western now and then you can opt for chokers with Rajasthani or Kucchi bead/ mirror work.


4. The Bling Queen
This one’s for those glam nights when you wanna go all out, and as they say a little bling never hurt anyone! Pair this with a sexy LBD and you are good to go.


5. The Boho girl
You can add your favorite charms or symbols to a solid coloured choker and make your own personalized boho neck-piece. Cut stones or amulets work well too.


6. Keeping it Casual
For those days when you want to look effortlessly dressy, grab one of these tie up chokers with metallic edges. Right from casual tees to dresses this one goes with almost about anything.


7. The Party Hopper

Accessorizing goes a long way to make your outfit look glam. This little dash of glam will change your party game! Pair it with a crop top and a high waist jeans & get ready to be the star attraction.


8. Going Indie
Ever tried pairing a saree with a choker? To the next family wedding pair an Indian outfit with a choker. You can go for a Indian style choker necklace or choose from the other ones available nowadays.


9. Slaying it with layer
When one choker does make the cut, layer it up with slightly longer co-ordinated chains to get that perfect look.


10. Office Chic

For all those work days chose a choker that is not too flashy but at the same time not boring. Stick to the basics and go for a thick collar choker or a top that has a built in choker neckline.



11. The Drama Queen
Some days you crave a little more drama that usual! Go for a bold statement choker like this one. Pair it with a low key top so that the choker is the main focus.


12. The Lacy Beauty
If dainty is your style, the lace choker is absolutely perfect. Pair it with a breezy summer dress or a Bardot top and you’re good to go.


13. The Biker Girl
Have a bandana or a colorful scarf to spare? Use it as a choker! Pair it with a denim skirt and knee high boots and you’re ready to rock!


The choker should definitely be your go to accessory this season and with these 13 tips you can definitely grab some eyeballs along the way!

Turn Around Those Sweaty Summer Days To Sassy Stylish Ones With These Small Tips!

Summer’s already here and with it are all the sweltering and runny makeup days! We don’t mean to scare you, but it’s high time we gear up and get ready for what’s coming! And what better way to kick off the summer than a summer wardrobe upgrade! Here are a few tips you can keep in mind while shopping for that summer collection.


Well there will be days when it will be too hot to dress up, but there would be those weddings or dinners or birthdays when you will have to! For days like those, put on something like this. A lacy dress that won’t weigh down on you but will still look gorgeous. Pair it with wedges and minimal makeup and you are good to go.


For a day look you can go for a fit and flare cut to give that breezy feel.


For a night look you can go for a more fitted tailored outfit that will show off your curves without clinging on like silk or velvet.

Pop Colour


Summer is the time to bring on those bright hues. Yellows, Mandarins, bright pinks.. you get the drift? Dab in those colorful tops, skirts and dresses that you would normally shy away from.

Bardot tops


This retro, off the shoulder outfit has returned with a bang. It shows just enough skin without baring too much. Choose a top that’s made of linen or a cotton fabric to keep off the heat on those blazing sunny days. They can be paired with shorts, skirts, mom jeans or trousers or whatever you feel like!





Well, summers are the perfect time to show off those toned arms and midriffs, and also something else. Braletts! There are so many cool designs available nowadays to choose from and with brands like H&M, Hunkemoller & La Senza spoiling you for choices you just have to shop your heart out.




Well now that you know of these tricks to look gorgeous on even the sweatiest of days, go out there and get ready to turn up the heat even more! You can shop for the latest summer outfits at Inorbit now.


Dog’s Day Out Season 2 at Inorbit Malad

There’s no sight more adorable than 250 dogs trotting around happily! After a successful show last year, Inorbit Malad was back with the “Dog’s Day Out, Season 2”, on the 9th of April 2017.

The sunny Sunday afternoon transformed into a gala time for the 250 canines and their owners who were a part of the Dog’s Day Out event.

It was a treat for not only the canines but for the pet parents and spectators as dogs ranging from Labradors to Siberian Huskys were a part of the show.

The evening began with a Pet Personality Contest where some of the cutest breeds walked the ramp, all decked up and groomed.

Taking the spotlight were

TYSON (Great Dane) who won the large breed category

POGBA (Siberian Husky) who won the medium breed category

AUDI (shih tzu) who won the small breed category

In addition to the fashion show Petagascar and Wildwash had created special pet grooming zones

Dogs were seen relaxing & enjoying various spa & massage services.

The pets also relished some special food Kennel Kitchen and Homecare Dog Food curated some special dishes for the pets at the Pet Café.

PALS from Thane was also a part of the Dogs Day out. The institution hosted a pet adoption drive at the event which also garnered a lot of attention by pet lovers.

The day ended on a happy note with all dogs and owners returning home after a fun filled day!

At Inorbit we aim at bring you experiences beyond fun and entertainment, with the Dog’s Day Out we have successfully managed to fulfil that, not just for you but also for your beloved pets. We hope to come back next year bigger & better!

Why You Need A Statement Chair For Your Home Right Now!

It’s a given that every home has to have comfortable chairs irrespective of how big or small it is! Since ages they’ve been our only seating furniture. Besides the dining table, out in the garden, up on the terrace or right by your bedside, a chair is one piece of furniture that is very under-rated but can really change the way a space looks. Especially a statement chair! Here are a few examples of how a chair is all you need to get your guests going, “wow”, when they visit the next time.

1.Solid Colors


Give your living space that pop of color is ALWAYS a good idea. The only thing to keep in mind is to keep the rest of the room a little low-key so that the chair becomes the “statement” piece.



For a more unusual and edgy look get one of these metallic chairs.



Get the tropical groove on with this breezy wooden chair.



Want something out of the box? This kind of a quirky seater is all your home needs!



For all those sassy queens who like a tinge of drama, this faux fur chair can spruce up any living space!



Sometimes all you need is a little pop of color, or a little too much! Bring life to your drab rooms with this color-blocked chair.

7.Hanging Chairs


If sitting in a comfy cocoon does not sound heavenly I don’t know what does! Not only do hanging chairs look great, they are also great space savers. So go right ahead and get one for your home.



Why always go for the usual common pieces of furniture? Go for an unconventional and edgy one like this chair. It will definitely get people talking about your home!



If you like luxury and opulence, a chair like this one fits the bill perfectly. With silk seating and metallic finish on the arm-rest, this is oh-so-Royale in every sense.



How about a lil DIY? If you’ve got old furniture lying around, you can spruce them up by adding interesting motifs and colors. And just like that, you’ve got yourself refreshing new furniture!

11.Leather Bean Bags


Well bean bags have been around for as long as we can remember, but take it a notch above with this leather bean bag. Not only is it super comfy, it also looks ultra chic.

12.Rocking chair


In many homes a rocking chair is more of an heirloom! Rocking chairs bring character to any living space.


Well, if all you under-estimated the power of a statement chair, now is the time to change your opinion. Because every home deserves a beautiful statement chair!

Inorbit Mall ‘Pink Power’ Begins – The Next Start-Up Success Story Is Yours To Write

Give wings to your business dream this Women’s Day with Inorbit Mall’s Pink Power

8th March 2017 – You have a business dream, Inorbit gives you the power to realize your dream! It is International Women’s Day and Inorbit malls announces the third edition of their award winning “PINK POWER” campaign. Pink Power is an initiative by Inorbit malls to give women an opportunity to upscale their existing business in a big way. Inorbit encourages women from different walks of life to participate in Pink Power and give a boost to their business by providing them free retail space for a period of 9 months. It is not just restricted to this. The malls will also mentor the winners with special retail training workshops hosted by Trust for retailers and retail association of India (TRAAIN) and Retail Association of India (RAI).With Central Bank of India being on board for PINK POWER, winners get an opportunity to avail soft loans to augment their business plan. Apart from this, we have an exclusive Online and TV shopping partner Shop CJ who would register the winners business on their website and TV channel. Also, 15 selected participants will get an opportunity to participate in the flea markets across Inorbit malls.

Celebrating Women’s Day is an opportunity to honour the determination of women and salute the sacrifices they have made for their commitment towards the family and children. Pink Power is one such platform that gives women a second chance to fulfil their dream of pursuing their business and taking it to a different level. All they need to do is submit their existing business ideas in categories like Apparel (Ethnic, Casual), Accessories (Junk, Ethnic, Designer), Footwear (Ethnic, Boutique wear/Handmade/Designer), Bags, Stationery (Gift Articles), Handicraft or Home Decor. Women can register at www.inorbit.in/pinkpower between 8th March to 8th April 2017.Entries would go through a selection criteria and a panel of judges will finally select the winners.

Commenting on the announcement of Pink Power, Mr. Puneet Varma, Associate Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communication said, “Pink Power Season 3 has arrived! It is time to salute the spirit of Womanhood for the sacrifices they have made for the commitments towards their family. Every woman has an entrepreneur in her, it is just that she needs a platform for growing her business. Pink Power season 3 has much more to offer with free retail space to winners and experts like TRAAIN and RAI to mentor the winners. We also thank Central Bank of India and Shop CJ for supporting this initiative. All the best to the participants.”

The initiative was launched in 2015 with two malls (Vashi and Malad) and received 748 entries in just 3 weeks. In 2016 the campaign was taken to other cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Vadodara apart from Mumbai. The second edition had got massive participation of close to 1500 entries. The campaign has also bagged several awards like EFFIEs, ABBYs and a Gold at DMA Asia Awards. We are hoping Pink Power 2017 will encourage more participation through its 5 malls across India (Malad, Vashi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vadodara) and ensure women present their business ideas to the world. Pink Power empowers women who dream big by providing them a platform to win the much-coveted Pink Power award – a chance to retail amidst leading national and International brands through retail kiosks at Inorbit Malls.

Log in today and register your entry at Pink Power. Feel empowered and celebrate the woman in YOU with Inorbit Malls.

For submission of entries, please click on http://www.inorbit.in/pinkpower  for more details.

For more information contact:

Arun Iyer – 9820801058

About Inorbit Malls:

Inorbit Malls, a group company of the K. Raheja Corp, was initiated with an objective to not just create physical structures but also to influence lifestyles. Inorbit Malls, committed to setting benchmarks in retailing in India, provides an excellent shopping experience for customers. Inorbit Malls combine the knowledge of the Indian Consumer and a changing Indian market scenario in locating, designing, planning and managing retail environments.

Inorbit Malls began their journey by opening its first mall at Malad to the public in early 2004, in Mumbai. Since then, Inorbit has repeated its success with world class malls in Vashi – Navi Mumbai, Cyberabad – Hyderabad, Viman Nagar – Pune, Whitefield – Bangalore & Gorwa Road – Vadodara. The malls have universal class and appeal and seek to provide a one-stop destination for fashion, lifestyle, food, and entertainment leading to an international experience.

Dogs Day Out – A Special Treat For Canine Friends At Inorbit Mall, Malad

A special treat for the canine friends over the weekend 

Mumbai, April 2017: Let the dogs have some fun over the weekend! Inorbit mall & Living the dreamz events is all set to host your canine friends at the mall for a magical Sunday evening. Block your calendar, as 9th April 2017 is going to be one of the most talked about events in town. It is the DOGS DAY OUT – a social evening where all you pets and pet parents are invited to catch up and be a part of this exciting event. Our pets who shower so much love on us also need some reciprocation of love towards them. A one of its kind dog carnival that includes a whole lot of fun and excitement. Pet parents can participate in a PET PERSONALITY CONTEST.  It is the ultimate platform for your pets to show their skills and woo the audience making their way to win the contest. Honorable Minister – Animal Husbandry – Mr. Mahadev Jankar will judge the contest based on pet grooming, obedience, and the chemistry with their parents. The winning pet shall be rewarded with gifts and trophies. Apart from this, Waggy Zone has a special surprise. They will be giving a special trophy for the “Coolest Dog of the Show”.

In addition to this, there whole lot of pet engagement activities and on spot games. The pets can have a relaxing grooming session at a special zone created by Petagascar and Wildwash. After some makeover the pets can relish some special food at the Pet Café where Kennel Kitchen and Homecare Dog Food will be curating some special dishes for the pets. Dog lovers can register or enrol themselves at the pet adoption corner by PALS Thane. While the pets are having fun, you too can relish some food at retails partners like Sbarro, Starbucks, Naturals Ice Cream and Tibbs frankie, who are supporting this event. A not to be missed extravaganza.

Join us for the most amazing carnival for the canines.


Date: 9th April 2017

Time: 5pm to 9pm

Location: Inorbit mall, Malad – Garden area next to parking lot of the mall.

For more information, please contact:

Arun Iyer – 9820801058 – aruniyer@actimediaindia.com

About Inorbit Malls:

Inorbit Malls, a group company of the K. Raheja Corp, was initiated with an objective to not just create physical structures but also to influence lifestyles. Inorbit Malls, committed to setting benchmarks in retailing in India, provides an excellent shopping experience for customers. Inorbit Malls combine the knowledge of the Indian consumer and a changing Indian market scenario in locating, designing, planning and managing retail environments.

Inorbit Malls began their journey by opening its first mall at Malad to the public in early 2004, in Mumbai. Since then, Inorbit has repeated its success with world class malls in Vashi – Navi Mumbai, Cyberabad – Hyderabad, Whitefield – Bangalore & Gorwa Road – Vadodara. The malls have universal class and appeal and seek to provide a one-stop destination for fashion, lifestyle, food, and entertainment leading to an international experience. Inorbit Malls have won more than 65+ awards since inception including India’s Most Trusted Mall by Brand Trust Report 2014 and have been recognized in various national & international forums like IMAGES, Asia Pacific Shopping Centre Awards, ICSC, Asia Consumer Engagement Forum, EFFIEs and ABBYs for their commitment in establishing community connect.