Hair Styling Hacks You Need For The Everyday Rush!

We all have those days when we are in a rush and our hair is in no mood to cooperate. For days like these we need products that will bring our hair to tame down without wasting valuable time.

Leave-in Conditioner


Unlike regular conditioners, these are meant to be left in and not washed off. They do wonders for those frizzy unmanageable locks in minutes!

Our Pick: Garnier Fructis Leave-in conditioners

Dry Shampoo


No time to shampoo? Here’s dry shampoo to your rescue. Usually sold as a powder or cream, dry shampoo absorbs oil like a sponge and is the perfect product for sprucing up your hair at any part of the day. Just grab it and spray it while you’re in the cab on your way to work!

Best Options: TRESemmé Fresh Start Basic Care Dry Shampoo and Batiste Dry Shampoo

Hair Gel


Afraid of getting your hair all messed up in travel? All you need is a smack of hair gel to go. It not only locks the hairstyle by keeping it in place, but also leaves your hair shiny!

Best Options: American Crew Classic Light Hold Gel, Redken Stand Tough Extreme Gel and L’Oréal Paris Invisi’ Hold © loreal-paris



Just like the hair gel here’s another product that has an unshakable place in the hair-styling industry, the Pomade. It can be used for defining and giving your hair a chic and symmetric look from anything from straight to wavy hair.

Best Options: Murray’s Iconic Super Light and Toni and Guy Styling Pomade

Hair Spray


Hairspray is like magic glue for your hair that keeps it firm in times of humidity. It also induces shine, polishes the hair & provides UV protection to your hair— if you spend most of your time outdoors.

Best Option: L’Oreal Professional Liss Ultime Heat Protectant and Bed Head Power Surge Strong Hold hairspray

Frizz Eliminator Serum


This one’s literally a salvation for your hair in a bottle! Infused with coconut oil, Anti Frizz serum gives a long-lasting effect and the lightweight formula prevents frizz by shielding against humidity attacking the hair & nourishes the hair with Vitamin K and E.

Best Option: Sexy Hair Smooth Frizz Eliminator Smooth and Sleek Serum

Overnight Repair Serum


We all know that there’s no better healing than what a good night’s rest provides, and this applies to your hair too. And oh so conveniently! An overnight repair serum is absorbed by your hair throughout the night (we promise it won’t ruin your pillows!). You can shampoo and condition the next day to see some amazing results.

Our Pick: Pantene Overnight Hair Repair Serum

Temporary Hair Color


Since we are talking about quick fixes, temporary hair colors had to be on the list!  There are many types of temporary hair colors like color chalks, chalk sprays, spray-on colors etc. Our pick is the L’Oreal professional liquid hair chalk that lasts through several washes. All you gotta do is apply it to damp hair and then blow dry it.

Our Pick: L’Oréal Professionnel Hairchalk

So, the next time you are in a rush and have no time to spend those precious minutes on your hair, but still want that gorgeous looking hair, keep these products in mind!

Grooming Essentials For Every Man

Every man needs to have these following grooming essentials to look dapper each day.

Men easily tend to ignore daily grooming routines. Many don’t realize the importance of grooming. Especially in the long run. Skin, hair, nails can be damaged by daily exposure to pollution, dust & also other factors like age, stress, etc. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, pick these few essential products and include them in your daily routine to take better care of your skin, hair and nails & look dapper each day!

Skin Clearing Face Wash

All the stress, sweat and erratic weather can spell disaster for your skin. You need a gentle cleanser that will penetrate the pores and leave it refreshed and cleansed.

Our best pick: Neutrogena Men invigorating face wash

Lip Balm

For all those men who wish to have soft and kiss-worthy lips a lip balm does the job and well!  Get rid of those chapped or wind-burned lips in a moment.

Our best pick: Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm

Shaving Cream

Well if this one’s not a bare necessity for men, I don’t know what is! While choosing your shaving cream, choose one that has a good slather to it and doesn’t leave your face dry and parched, a cream that has a glycerin base works the best.

Our Best Pick: Gillette Mach3 Irritation Defense Soothing Gel


While most men are busy grooming their hair and beards, their skin remains neglected. Moisturizing allows your skin to be hydrated and also nourishes it giving your skin the healthy luster that it deserves.

Our Best Pick: Nivea, Men, Express Absorption, Revitalizing Lotion

Hair trimmer

If there’s one thing that most men are trying to tame, its their hair! Invest in a quality hair trimmer, and use it often! Be it your beard or that stray hair on your ear or neck, a hair trimmer is your savior!

Our Pick: Philips All in One Multigroom Series QG3347/15 Trimmer For Men


Necessity? Oh yes!  It’s very very important to choose a good perfume/ deodorant and the right one! The right perfume doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, but it should essentially have good quality base ingredients. Musky and woody bases are considered most suitable for men.

Our Pick: Musk Eau de Toilette Spray, Davidoff Cool Waters

 Post Shave Balm

A shave is incomplete without this one. You should choose a post shave balm/lotion that calms your skin and prevent razor bumps from scraping a blade across your face leaving your face refreshed.

Our Pick: NIVEA for MEN Sensitive

Hand Cream

This might seem like a luxury, but once you use a hand cream you will see why it’s not. Your hands are tough and rough, a heavy-duty hand cream will not only make your hands smooth but also remove all traces of odor & heal dry cracked hands in a jiffy.

Our Pick: Vaseline Men Hand Lotion.

Basic manicure set

It’s not cool to have untidy and ill groomed fingernails. You need to keep them trimmed and in shape all the time if you want to come across as a man who is well groomed. Also, don’t butcher your nails with cheap quality nail cutters. Instead, invest in a pair of clippers, nail scissors, nail filer, nail cleaners & a cuticle cream.

 Beard Oil

For that gorgeous and luscious “mooch” beard oil is your go-to product. Not only does Beard oil moisturize your facial hair but also the skin beneath. It acts as a double-duty styling agent to keep your beard looking shiny and groomed & not dusty, flaky and shaggy.

Our Pick: Beardo Beard oil

Now that you know of all these essentials, go out there and get those ladies swooning with the new ‘well- groomed’ you!


Be The star Employee! Sport These Classy Looks For Work

Dressing up for work can be a major pain while juggling between eating your breakfast and completing that presentation. It’s easy to slip into those same old boring formal pants everyday. But it doesn’t have to be that way! You can turn your everyday work-wear into something fun and eye grabbing. Want to know how? Keep these simple tricks in mind.

Wear Prints

Pair a formal white shirt with colorful printed bottoms. It can be a skirt, palazzo or linen pants.

Show a little skin

On a hot summer day you could wear a ganjhi or a tank top with a solid high waisted skirt. Steer clear of strappy or low-cut tops though.

Denim it out 

Denim can be formal too! You can include a denim jacket, jeans or a denim skirt in your formal outfit.


Give a miss to those drab monotones. Go for a bright fuchsia, an electric blue or even a yellow if you’re feeling adventurous!

Try Layering 

Layer like a pro by using a structured sweater or a cardigan instead of your usual blazers.

Do the sexy shoes

Try playing around with different kinds of shoes. Go for kitten heels, wedges, ballets, pumps or even smart sneakers for that matter.

Try these tips at work and get ready to look chic! You can now shop for the perfect “Work-Ready” look at Inorbit. 

Every Girl Needs To Have These 5 Hair Products To Keep Their Locks Looking Dapper

Not all of us are blessed with those fairy-tale locks. Managing hair can be a pain and even on days when your hair’s behaving you need a little tender loving care to keep them tame! For days when you’re having a bad hair day or even otherwise, here are a few hair products you absolutely need to have in your kitty.


Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo works exactly like wet shampoo but without the need of all the lathering and rinsing. In a fast paced life like ours this little bottle of spritz can be a lifesaver. All you need to do is spray and get rid of all the oiliness and get sleek, shiny, fresh feeling hair.


Hair Mask

The pollution and dust that our hair is subjected to every single day can heavily damage our hair. Hair masks are an effective way of restoring the nutrients back to our hair and protect it from further damage.  You can use an “over-night leave in mask” and wash it off in the morning and be off to work. Easy Peasy!


Heat Defense Styling Spray

Most of us love styling our hair with the curling/straightening iron but conveniently ignore any precaution to protect it from the heat. Over time, such styling tricks could do irreversible damage and that’s why it’s very, very important to use a heat defense styling spray before you styling.


Volumizing mousse

You’ve watched that youtube styling video and you try it, but your hair just falls flat. We’ve all been there! All you need is a volumizing mousse, which basically pumps some extra volume and gives your hair that full look and you get that gorgeous lift!


Hair Spray

This is probably the oldest product on the list yet the most under-rated. Not only does hair spray keep your hair in place and styled for long hours but it also makes it smell absolutely awesome and fresh throughout the day! And in an environment like India where it’s so humid and sweaty always, this one’s a must have!

If you have any more such must have products that you want us to add in this list, mention it in the comments section.


5 Ways To Rock The Scarf

Be it winter or summer scarves are never out of style. The best part is that they are so handy and easy to style with almost any outfit! But you don’t need to stick to the basics, here are a few ways you never thought of using the humble scarf!


Tuck it under the belt

Instead of just letting it dangle around your neck you could tuck it neatly beneath your belt. It’s perfect for those formal office meetings or even a Sunday brunch for that matter.


Warmth on those cold days            

For those chilly winter days, use fabrics like wool, fleece, flannel or fake fur and layer different colors to give that pop.


Buckle up with a scarf

Ever used a scarf as a belt? No? Then what are you waiting for! Give those boring leather belts a break and use a scarf instead. Silk ones work the best, but you can make-do with which ever you have. Just make sure it compliments your outfit.


Head band anyone?

This one’s not that new. Women have been using scarves as headbands for ages because not only is it super convenient but looks oh-so-stylish! Use a beautifully printed one to give a quirky look.



Use it as a top

Using a scarf as a top, why not! There are many no-sew diy videos showing how you can turn your oversized scarf into a chic and trendy top. Perfect for those breezy summer days.

Go grab that scarf of yours now!

6 Out-Of-The-Box Pieces Of Clothing Men Need To Have In Their Wardrobe

Men, who says your everyday outfit has to be tame and mundane? It’s good to venture out of your comfort zone and try a few out-of-the box accessories once in a while. And if you’re feeling a little adventurous today, here are a few unique and eye-catching accessories you can try.

1. Bombers

Now before you jump to conclusions, I’d like to clarify its Bomber Jackets we are talking about! They’re perfect for those days when you want to look dressy-yet-casual.

2. Joggers

Don’t mistake this classy piece of outfit for your pjs! Yes they are super comfy, yes you can lounge around in them but, there are uber-stylish and trendy at the same time. The best part, you can wear them for any social gathering without being judged!

3. Statement Suit

Ditch that boring 2 piece and go for something funky. Invest in a suit that has an unusual lapel or has  quirky patterns or prints.

4. Suede Boots

The easiest way to scale up the ‘class’ quotient of your outfit is to wear suede shoes/boots. They instantly add a touch of luxury and give you that refined look.

5. Embellished jackets.

A little bling never hurt anyone! Embellished jackets can be a little tricky to pull off but if you do, you will without a doubt grab eyeballs. Check out this look here.

6. Offbeat accessories

Wallet Chains

If you’re someone who’s always willing to take a little gamble and experiment, you will love Wallet Chains. It gives you that tough street-thug yet classy look if paired with the right outfit.

Try these accessories and look your stylish best!