U&US Design Studio Presents You With An Innovative Way To Design Your Home!

Do you always see great furniture and wonder why you can’t make your home look so well-organized and praiseworthy despite all the furniture you keep buying? Well, that is the case with most of us.

There is a huge demand for quality furniture which is met through ready-made, carpented or designer furniture. Every customer has different choices and preferences, which makes it complicated to rely on the traditional modes or ways of buying furniture.

Now imagine designing your furniture by yourself! Does it feel better? Well, we have a great news for you, through U&US Design Studio, Godrej Interio brings to you an innovative concept in furniture designing. Their innovative products, expertise and customer insights have helped identify furniture ‘co-creation’ as the solution!

U&US offers their customers an opportunity to create their own furniture designs combining it with Godrej’s and U&US’s expertise at a state-of-the-art Design Studio.

The co-creation feature offers customers to create their own design in 3D format, which helps them visualize the space available and work around with the placement and aesthetics of the new furniture.

U&US recently opened up a new studio at Inorbit Cyberabad. CEO Nyrika Godrej inaugurated the store on 13th July 2017.

The state-of-the-art studio has wide range of materials such as solid wood, polishes, laminates, fabrics, fittings and more, that promises to spoil you for choice.

The studio also has various demo corners for your inspiration. They have trained professionals to help you out at every step of the process and to make sure you receive best quality products at the best price. Best part is that they provide one-year warranty on the products.

Visit the U&US Design Studio today at Inorbit Cyberabad to experience the innovative way to design your dream home!

Things You Absolutely Need In Your Living Room

There are a few baseline necessities for every home. Yes you can experiment and dress your home up as you like, but definitely not without these things!

Comfy Couch

Well let’s begin from the basics! A living room is incomplete without a comfortable couch. You can choose one that fits right into the space and compliments the look of the room. Look for quirky or statement ones that will give that edge to your living room.


Sturdy Bookshelf

Rather than leaving your books stranded and stuffed into random spaces, you can organize them in a compact bookshelf that will give an organized look to your home.


Classy Coffee Table

A coffee table does not have to be boring and just be there for the heck of it. You can use it to make a style statement! Use an old vintage trunk, or a wooden barrel instead of traditional coffee tables for a twist.


Quirky Wall Accessories

Give an interesting dimension to your walls by adorning them with pictures or art pieces or paintings instead of leaving them bare. Invest in accessories that also provide utility, like a grandfather clock that will not only look good but also be of use.


Pop Of Color

Single out one wall and give it an eye catching hue. You could also use a color that contrasts the rest of the room to make the wall pop out.


Make your home look more beautiful and unique by adding your personal touch.

Bohemian Room Decor Ideas

Bohemians are basically people who live non-traditional lifestyles such as artists, musicians, writers, etc. So, if we talk about their room decor ideas, they’re always very unique. They use a lot of creativity and vintage items giving the place a personal touch.

Bohemians use multiple colors like red, orange, blue, purple or any other rich colors. Their style is a little cluttered but lot of interesting things can always be seen in it. Warmth is the key factor.



You can use paintings, vintage decor items, lights, etc. The best part of bohemian decoration is accessorizing. Few items are listed below that you can use to decor your room with a bohemian touch.

Cushions & Blanket

Cushions will give your living room a vintage feeling. It is best suited when you have painted your walls white, since it will add colors to your room.


This mandala cushion will give that bohemian feel to your room. You can place this near your balcony with little plants on the side. This can be your cozy corner to read a book or just sit back and relax.


A Boho tassel pillow is all you need when you want to keep your decor simple yet bohemian.



In your bedroom, don’t forget to use colorful blankets.


Statement Furniture

Using bright statement furniture will make your room more attractive and lively.




You can always use plants to decorate your room. This will make you feel close to nature and it is peaceful too.


Small Statues

It is just a small statue but adds a lot of positive vibes across the room. You can always use such things to decorate and yet keep everything simple.


Dream Catchers

It is said that dream catchers attract positive vibes. This is something we all should have at our place.



Candles change the aura of the room and also give a bohemian feel to it.



Table Runner

A hand embroidered table turner will add a bohemian touch to your dining table.



You can use small fairy lights, cafe-style lights, etc. in order to lighten up your room. They give a boho glow to your bedroom as well as can be used in your balcony or garden area instead of the regular lights.



Last but not the least, hammocks are the best when you want to relax. Nothing can give you more happiness and peace than this.


It is always fun to decor your room with your personal touch. Be creative. Enjoy! Share photos of your room decorated in Bohemian style in the comments section. 🙂

Under-rated Things That Can Make Your Home Look Great!

Our house is an expression of us as individuals. Today most of us put a lot of thought and effort on the way our house looks. Be it calling friends over or inviting your girlfriend’s parents home, your home décor bears a lot of importance! Here are a few tips to get your house looking the absolute best!

1. Light Fixtures


Good lighting is extremely important in any part of the house, beginning with the living room! If you don’t have ample natural lighting, make use of artificial lighting to the fullest. You can use chandeliers, lamps, bulbs, fairy lights or choose from infinite other options to stylishly brighten up your living space.

2.Well Placed Shelves


You can use shelves placed in strategic locations to utilize the space well and organize your belongings. You can also use these shelves to showcase mementos or souvenirs.



Not only do Cushions make your seating super-comfy but they also give an added character to the entire room. Don’t underestimate the effect a few cute cushions can have on your living space! Check this image for instance.



A rug can make your living room look stylish and chic. It instantly gives a luxurious feel to any space. Avoid them if you have pets though.



Well we aren’t talking about an entire garden in your living room! Think tiny bamboo plants, ferns, bonsai or even a lucky money plant for that matter. Plants bring in a fresh, lively touch & also have obvious health benefits, so it’s an absolute win-win!

All these tiny details will add up to give you a beautiful home. Next time you go shopping for your house do keep these under-rated accessories in mind!

Simple Tricks To Make Your Home Look Bigger

With real estate prices skyrocketing, most city folk ends up settling for small apartments, just enough to get by. But who says a small house has to look all cramped up and congested? You can make small tweaks in your living space to make it look spacious and cozy. Here’s how!

Space it out

Don’t place your furniture against walls. Sometimes placing a piece at an angle or surrounded by open space will make the room look bigger.

Use the walls

When it comes to smaller spaces like kitchen or bathrooms, utilize the walls to stack things up in order to keep rest of the space free.


This goes without saying, if you haven’t used something in a year, get rid of it right away and clear the clutter.

 Use multi-functional pieces of furniture

Use furniture items that have more than one use. For instance use a huge trunk as a coffee table and use the same to store books/pillows or blankets.

Use Mirrors

Place an over-sized statement mirror in your house to instantly give an illusion of a bigger space.

We hope these tips help you liven up your home a bit and make it look spacious as comfy! What’s more? You can shop for all home accessories and furniture at Inorbit!