Dog’s Day Out Season 2 at Inorbit Malad

There’s no sight more adorable than 250 dogs trotting around happily! After a successful show last year, Inorbit Malad was back with the “Dog’s Day Out, Season 2”, on the 9th of April 2017.

The sunny Sunday afternoon transformed into a gala time for the 250 canines and their owners who were a part of the Dog’s Day Out event.

It was a treat for not only the canines but for the pet parents and spectators as dogs ranging from Labradors to Siberian Huskys were a part of the show.

The evening began with a Pet Personality Contest where some of the cutest breeds walked the ramp, all decked up and groomed.

Taking the spotlight were

TYSON (Great Dane) who won the large breed category

POGBA (Siberian Husky) who won the medium breed category

AUDI (shih tzu) who won the small breed category

In addition to the fashion show Petagascar and Wildwash had created special pet grooming zones

Dogs were seen relaxing & enjoying various spa & massage services.

The pets also relished some special food Kennel Kitchen and Homecare Dog Food curated some special dishes for the pets at the Pet Café.

PALS from Thane was also a part of the Dogs Day out. The institution hosted a pet adoption drive at the event which also garnered a lot of attention by pet lovers.

The day ended on a happy note with all dogs and owners returning home after a fun filled day!

At Inorbit we aim at bring you experiences beyond fun and entertainment, with the Dog’s Day Out we have successfully managed to fulfil that, not just for you but also for your beloved pets. We hope to come back next year bigger & better!

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